Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Guide

  • It’s always best to clean your shoes with a damp cloth or soft brush before product application.
  • Allow shoes to dry completely before applying products like our Stain Preventor, Odour Preventor or Leather Gel.
  • If you’re applying our Odour Preventor, it’s best to use on brand new shoes for most effective results, before any odour-causing bacteria has had a chance to grow.
  • When applying the Odour Preventor, ensure that you completely open up the shoe and remove the laces for before application so that the product can work on the full areas inside the shoe where bacteria can grow.
  • After the proper application of our Stain Preventor, you can then use our Easy Clean for shoe maintenance. To clean your shoes with Easy Clean make sure you shake the product well.
  • Remove any loose and excess dirt by vigorously brushing your shoes
  • Lightly wet the soiled area with a soft cloth
  • Spray Easy Clean directly onto the soiled and dampened area
  • Leave for a few seconds before gently rubbing the area with a brush or cloth
  • Blot off excess water and leave to dry
  • Repeat for stubborn stains

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