Yes! We’ve done all the necessary testing and more to deliver a product that is free from harsh chemicals or abrasives, is 100% biodegradable and easy on the environment.

For best results, we suggest applying our Odour Preventor and Stain Preventor on your new shoes, before they’ve had a chance to develop any imbedded stains or odour-causing bacteria. By treating your shoes from the start, you’ll ensure that your footwear looks, feels and smells newer for longer.

However, our products can still be applied on worn shoes. Just simply make sure to clean them thoroughly and allow to dry before product application.

Simply put – Experience. With over 20 years in the stain prevention, stain removal and fabric care industry – our products were developed using the best resources, research and technology as well as extensive laboratory testing and embedded knowledge. Our focus is on delivering a premium footwear care product that is both highly effective yet affordable. We’re also not just concerned with footwear, we’re conscious about our carbon footprint too. Our team has ensured best efforts to develop a product that is environmentally friendly. Read more about our eco efforts here.
We’re working on it! We know it’s a firm favourite.
Currently TeknoShoeCare is only available online and at select markets and pop-ups.
This will change slightly depending on how each individual uses the product. There are approximately 300 sprays per 50ml bottle. For proper and even application of the Odour Preventor and Stain Preventor, each shoe treatment requires approximately 25 sprays.

Our range has been designed to work on most shoes and materials from suede, nylon and nubuck to canvas, vinyl and mesh! Our Leather Care products however are exclusively for use on your leather footwear and accessories.

Because suede and leather are natural and porous skins, sometimes the results can vary depending on the leather quality and origin. We always recommend doing a small test patch before applying to your entire shoe, just as an extra measure of precaution.

Use TeknoShoeCare to protect, clean and maintain your:

  • Sports shoes and trainers
  • Hiking boots
  • Sneakers
  • Formal shoes
  • Casual shoes

And more!

Our TeknoShoeCare products are designed to consider the full journey of your footwear. From the moment you get your new pair, you can protect them against tough stains and spills with our Stain Preventor, stop the growth of odour causing bacteria with our Odour Preventor and maintain that new look with our Easy Clean. For your leather shoes, our Leather Care Gel gently nourishes and protects. Plus, our products come in nifty sizes, perfect to keep with you on the go.

No! Upon proper cleaning and application, our products are here to reduce stains and discolouration and won’t negatively alter the colouring of your kicks.

You can use Easy Clean whenever your shoes need a spot clean up and our Leather Gel and Cream when your leather shoes are looking dull and in need of some TLC.

Reapplication of the Stain and Odour Preventors will be dependant on your use and wear of your shoes. If you wash or deep clean your shoes, the Stain Preventor should be reapplied when your shoes have dried for best results. The Odour Preventor will also depend on how frequently you use or deep clean your shoes, so use your discretion to freshen up with a reapplication when need be!