Easy Clean



Product Description
Directions For Use
Chemical Ingredients

Easy Clean is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product which utilises specialised chemistry to remove stains. It can be used on all textiles, leather and footwear materials. It is best used in conjunction with our Stain Preventor.

Easy Clean’s chemical formulation makes use of cutting edge technology whilst being aware of the need to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our proven technology ensures that dirt and soiling is removed efficiently, with ease
 and without too many unnecessary or harsh components. All you need is a soft brush or cloth!

  1. Remove any loose and excess dirt by vigorously brushing your shoes
  2. Shake the product well!
  3. Lightly wet the soiled area with a soft cloth
  4. Spray directly onto the soiled area
  5. Leave for a few seconds before gently rubbing the area with a brush/cloth
  6. Blot off excess water and leave to dry
  7. Repeat for stubborn stains

Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.

Anionic surfactants Nonionic Surfactants less than 3%, Polycarbox, soil remover, stain release polymer. Less than 1% perfume.

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