Leather Care Gel



Product Description
Directions For Use
Chemical Ingredients

This eco-friendly proprietary formula is an aqueous surfactant solution which imparts a penetrating emulsion – this will clean, protect and nourish your leather footwear. It will also give UV protection and create a water and oil repellent finish, offering stain prevention properties in its application. The leather will develop a rich and “buffed” appearance after use.

This product is best used to maintain that new-shoe look by applying it before wear.

  1. Apply a decent amount of the gel to a clean sponge. Be sure to work evenly and quickly, and spread the gel over the leather.
  2. Once the gel has dried, you can use a shammy cloth to buff the leather – this will further enhance its natural richness that is developed by the use of the leather care gel. If you’re applying the product to an already worn pair of shoes, for best results please clean them before application of the leather care gel.
  3. Please guard against concentrating the gel in one place as the colour of the leather may be altered.

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