Leather Care Cream



Product Description
Directions For Use
Chemical Ingredients

TeknoGard® Leather Cream provides eco-friendly nourishment and softness to leather, and is both affordable and economical to use! Further to that, it is oil-free and non-staining. This product will enhance and enri

This product is best used to maintain the longevity of your leather items.

  1. First thoroughly brush off and clean any excess dirt off of the item that you wish to treat and then apply a decent amount of the cream to a clean sponge.
  2. Gently work the cream over the leather in circular motions. To ensure long-term maintenance and a nourished look to the leather, use frequently! As the cream is applied to the leather, the colour may darken slightly. The cream will dry and the leather will return to its natural colour.

*It can also be used on upholstery leathers!

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