Odour Preventor



Product Description
Directions For Use
Chemical Ingredients

Experience freshness right from the start with TeknoShoeCare™ advanced odour prevention formula!

This eco-friendly product does not simply mask bad odours. Instead, its antimicrobial properties permanently bond to your new footwear preventing the growth of odour causing bacteria. It imparts hygiene and freshness right from the start.

  1. Remove any loose and excess dirt by vigorously brushing your shoes (if your shoes are not new)
  2. Shake the product well
  3. Remove the inner soles and unlace the shoes
  4. Worn shoes will need to be cleaned thoroughly. New shoes need not be.
  5. Liberally spray both the inside of the shoe and the inner soles
  6. Allow to dry

Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.

Bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Non migrating antimicrobial properties. Verolan 1.0-2.0% AStm- E2149-13a, AAtcc 100.

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